7 Best Sports You Should Try in Germany

Are you a sports lover going to Germany for studies, work, or tourism and want to learn the kind of sports Germans love most? Are you a sports fan? Well, you should be, because the easiest way to start a conversation with a German in our experience is to speak about sports. You should see de.collected.reviews to have detailed knowledge about German sport. Germans are, of course, known for their soccer love.

To have an exciting talk, you have to have the fundamental knowledge that explains sport quickly, the most famous German practising this sport and the most memorable moment in history.

Therefore, here are the best sports you should try in Germany.

1. Fussball- football or soccer

Football is the most renowned sport in Germany, without any doubt. One of the most popular and successful football leagues in Europe is the German football league, and it is also called Bundesliga. Tens of thousands of fans every weekend support and encourage their favourite football team. You can visit Biogena to have ideas about getting sports equipment if you like to join a football team in school.

However, many fans are also drawn to the German national team, not just because of the 2014 WC win in Brazil. There is no better way than to see a game in the stadium if you want to see Germans, who are known for being a bit stiff, cold, wild, or as a student, you want to seek your lecturer’s attention.

2. Golf

Unfortunately, golf is a sport in Germany that seems to be practised only by people with a significant amount of money. The majority of golf clubs are required to join the golf course or have a considerable fee. If you love golf, you can join a club when you get to Germany, so you do not miss out on your favourite sport.

3. Ice Hockey

Many people say that Germany does not have a sport other than ice hockey in which fans make more noise and party in the stadium. This is to bring to your notice how much Germans love this particular sport. Most major cities also have a first-league ice hockey team, so make sure you witness this rumour yourself when you get to Germany. The German ice hockey league is one of the best in the world.

4. Basketball

This sport is very famous in Germany thanks to Detlef Schrempf and Dirk Nowitzki, two successful NBA German basketball players. The Basketball league in Germany is far from the top one in Europe. However, the atmosphere in these games is very emotional.

5. Handball

Handball in Germany is another exciting sport you should try. Remarkably, handball seems very famous from smaller cities and is very successful, particularly in smaller towns, where no central football team attracts crowds. Apart from the world’s best German handball league, the German national team seems to have exciting performances.

6. Tennis

Steffi Graf and Boris Becker are the top two players responsible in the 1990s for the big tennis hype in Germany, similarly to our Formula 1 heroes. You will find at least one table to play table tennis in almost every park (and Berlin has many parks). You can join a group of people in a match with your racket – it’s a great sport to get to know new people. You can also join school teams in your school if you are going there for studies

7. Skiing

Like tennis, skiing is a sport that Germans like to do instead of watching on television. Every winter, people spend their winter skiing in the Alps on their routes to the Alps.

Germany has many top ski resorts, most of which are in the Alps, Germany’s highest mountains. The Zugspitzbahn to the highest German mountain, Die Zugspitze, will surely be a highlight.

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