5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Outdoor Training Over Indoor Ones

Do you usually exercise indoors because you are afraid that a drop of rain will be squeezed out of the clouds? Or because you are tied to an expensive gym subscription? Think twice, because Norskeanmeldelser has some reviews on why you should move your workout outside.


1. You save money

The price of a fitness subscription can seriously destroy your bank account. Sometimes you don’t feel like going to the gym because of a lack of time or because of the nice weather you just don’t feel like dragging yourself to a walled sweat room. The result: your bank account continues to shrink due to something that you use far too little. Save yourself the painful monthly statement by saying goodbye to the gym and moving your workout outside. 

2. It makes you happier

Fresh outdoor air vs. the recycled O2 being pumped through the rooms in the fitness center. Just say it: what do you prefer? Breathing in and out of the outside air can make you feel euphoric, thanks to the feel-good endorphins released in your body. 

Exercising outdoors also provides more energy than exercising indoors. After a half-hour walk, 71 percent of the people who walked in the park felt less stressed, while 72 percent of the people who walked inside felt more stressed. All you need for great outdoor training is the right gear and suitable shoes on your feet from VPG no.

3. You avoid Bacteria

You may think that gyms are a health mecca, but there are plenty of studies to support that gyms can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Of course, you think about wiping a paper towel with some cleaning stuff over the device after a sweat session, but the reality is that unfortunately, not everyone takes action that way. 

To move hygienically through the gym, it is advisable to wipe the equipment with a cloth before use. Also, wash your hands regularly and wear flip-flops when you jump in the shower after exercising. It is even fresher to train outside: the air that floats through the gym is up to 5 times more polluted than the outside air.

4. You can think more clearly

Research into the relationship between people’s mental health and indoor/outdoor training has shown that outdoor sports can improve concentration and ensure a clear mindset. This increases your sense of well-being and prevents future stress.

5. You can exercise whenever you want

The outdoor gym is always open. Always! No group class schedule, no queue for the treadmill or elliptical trainer, and no aimless laps through the room because the weights you had in mind are always snapped in front of you. You string your kicks under your feet, cross the threshold and GO! Even a 20-minute intensive workout will do the job: a short high-intensity workout is three times more effective in terms of fat burning than an endurance run, according to a study published in Metabolism.

In conclusion, all the points discussed above, a breath of fresh air and an extra shot of vitamin D are by no means all the benefits of exercising in the open air.

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